The new Wanderlust collection is here to bring us some scent escapism…

Fragrance is powerful, do you agree?

Walk into a room and immediately it’s aroma registers with your olfactory senses.

Instantly you could be reminded of a memory from 30 years ago where you were around something that smelt similar. You may not have thought of this memory until now yet there it is. The moment in time could be quite significant to you and the reason it’s etched in your mind. Or it’s totally insignificant but there it is filed away, along with many other memories that may one day be resurrected.

Scent connects our environment and experience within our neural network.

Memories of mine that are often resurrected with joy and linked to the past are:

  • freshly cut grass, reminding me of being little in the family garden
  • tomatoes, a reminder of my dad growing them
  • lavender which reminds me of my much missed yearly trips to south of France
  • a strange one, if i go into a newly-built room the plaster reminds me of the painting room at primary school!
    What are yours?

We all know how hard the last year has been and many of us have longed to travel. I yearn to explore new places, foods, people and make new memories with friends. Such breaks away from the routine help us to reset, recharge and refocus on areas of our lives or issues and tasks we need to tackle. Having time to transport ourselves away from the working day, a stressful situation or routine may help us calm and recharge.  

The richness of travel and the benefits of experiencing a different space, with the power of scent, gave me the idea to create home fragrance to help us wander from home no plane ticket required. I designed and hand poured the Wanderlust collection.

Let’s explore different scents, the relaxation beside a soy candle flame and wander.

Take a look at the starting three locations in the range so far: Ibiza, Barcelona and Cote d’Azur.

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