Soy Wax Melts – Decorated with botanicals




My Botanical Wax Melts are lovingly created using 100% soy wax.

Each is made in small batches by slowly melting soy wax and infusing it with a high content of fine, vegan oil. They are mixed with various botanicals. They smell devine! Once combined, the mixture is carefully poured into moulds, infused with dried flowers and stored for curing.

6 Botanical Wax Melts are packaged in a recyclable, bio-degradable glassine packaging bag.

Lift yours or other’s senses with a burner lit nearby melting these highly scented soy wax melts.

Unlike candles that burn with a wick, wax melts are placed in a burner and slowly warmed from a tea light.

We use a high fragrance load to ensure a well-scented candle when unlit, or lit.
Our products are crafted with care and tested well. Each item hand-poured in small batches.
The wax is natural and made from soy and paraffin-free ensuring a longer and cleaner burn.
Each item is infused with vegan-friendly, that are also paraben-free and phathalate-free.

Choose from three scents:
IN REVERIE – lavender and vanilla – blended with dried lavender and jasmine petals

ROSEMARY, AMBER AND PATCHOULI – blended with dried osmanthus and forget-me-not petals

BRING ME PEONIES – peony – – blended with dried rose petals

:: 6 x melts : 55g
:: Vegan friendly, paraben-free, phathalate-free premium oils
:: Paraffin-free, sustainable, 100% soy wax, for a longer and cleaner burn

I also have a range of wax melts in my range without botanicals – go to my listings to view more

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