Botanical Wax Melt Gift Set – Soy Wax Melts and Burner Set




If you know someone who needs a treat and loves melts send them this lovely botanical gift set.
Or perhaps you haven’t tried them and want to order a set for yourself.

My Botanical Wax Melts are lovingly created using 100% soy wax. Each is made in small batches by slowly melting soy wax and infusing it with a high content of fine, vegan oil. They are mixed with various botanicals. They smell devine! Once combined, the mixture is carefully poured into moulds, infused with dried flowers and stored for curing.

The set contains two sets of 6 Botanical Wax Melts packaged in a recyclable, bio-degradable glassine packaging bag. It also contains a burner to melt the melts on. You can burn 1 at a time to achieve a good aroma.

Lift yours or other’s senses with a burner lit nearby melting these highly scented soy wax melts.Unlike candles that burn with a wick, wax melts are placed in a burner and slowly warmed from a tea light.

We use a high fragrance load to ensure a well-scented candle when unlit, or lit.
Our products are crafted with care and tested well. Each item hand-poured in small batches.
The wax is natural and made from soy and paraffin-free ensuring a longer and cleaner burn.
Each item is infused with vegan-friendly, that are also paraben-free and phathalate-free.

ROSEMARY, AMBER AND PATCHOULI – blended with dried osmanthus and forget-me-not petals
BRING ME PEONIES – peony – – blended with dried rose petals

:: 12 x soy wax melts : ~110g
:: Ceramic wax melt burner
:: Made with Vegan friendly, paraben-free, phathalate-free premium oils
:: Paraffin-free, sustainable, 100% soy wax, for a longer and cleaner burn

NB – tealights are not sold with this product

You can optionally choose to add a gift card and message which I’ll hand write – add your message to the field shown.

You can also optionally choose to add a candle (35 hours).
You can also optionally send a candle card (15 hours). The message on the tin will say ‘SHINE BRIGHT’
The candle scent will be a surprise scent chosen at random but which I know will be loved!

The items will be placed on tissue paper (tissue paper may vary in colour from photo) within a recyclable box.
A ribbon will wrap around the box (ribbon colour may vary)
To post, this item it be wrapped in parcel paper and posted signed for postage.

About our Soy Candles

With sumptuous scents and natural wax, my candles aim to help calm your day down or brighten someone’s day. They make an excellent gift. We hope our candles help provide mood-boosting effects to help everyone from sleep-deprived parents to those working long hours, to those who need help to wind down. 

The simple and contemporary design will suit all home decors and tastes, as a lovely gift for your home or someone special.

By Jane Studio have been hand-pouring candles in small batches from our Buckinghamshire studio since 2017.
Avoiding mass production means we take care with each candle, making sure you’re being sent the best candles possible.

We individually blend, pour, label and finish each item by hand. Using a carefully formulated mix of high quality fragrance oils and natural soy wax, we thoughtfully create candles you can cherish in your home.


    Failure to follow these instructions could result in a fire hazard. Use only with good quality wax melts and tea lights.

    • Never leave a burning candle unattended or move it when lit.
    • Remove all packaging before use.
    • Only use with a good quality tea-light. Do not use with a maxi tea-light, votive or other candles.
    • Keep the Wax Melt Burner and tea-light out of the reach of children and pets.
    • Do not burn the tea-light or leave the wax melt burner on or near anything that can catch fire.
    • Place your burner on a safe surface which will not be affected by heat.
    • Ensure the wax melt burner is well ventilated.
    • Keep foreign objects out of the wax pool.
    • The wax melt burner becomes very hot during use, do not touch or move whilst alight or whilst wax remains molten.
    • Extinguish the tea-light if the flame becomes enlarged, makes contact with the wax melt burner, or begins to smoke.
    • Use a candle snuffer to extinguish the flame. Once extinguished allow wax melt burner to cool before moving.

    Direction for Use

    • Place the wax melt burner on a level, flat, cool, heat-resistant surface away from draughts, other heat sources and flammable objects. If used on a non-heat resistant surface damage may occur if the wax melt burner is used without a protective plate, tray or similar product.
    • Position the wax melt segment on the top bowl of the wax melt burner.
    • Insert a tea-light in the bottom base of the wax melt burner.
    • Allow the heat of the tea-light to melt the wax and fragrance will release into the room. The wax melt burner will become hot while in use, do not touch while in use.. Allow the burner to cool completely before touching or moving.
    • Do not allow the pool of wax to completely evaporate so the top bowl becomes dry whilst a tea-light is still lit. This could cause the wax melt burner to scorch and (or) smoke.
    • Let the wax melt burner completely cool before re-use.



Additional information

Candle 35 hours

With candle, Without candle

Candle Card 15 hours

With Candle Card, Without Candle Card


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